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What is Transcend?

Our core concept is to inspire the Madison student community to create businesses and innovative ideas that will change the world.

Transcend is a student organization focused on providing invaluable resources and opportunities to students on campus who are interested in creating their own ventures. We do not limit our member’s ideas to tech, mobile applications or purely entrepreneurial ventures; instead we encourage collaboration between majors and focuses which we hope inspires start up ideas that can change the world. Our utility comes from the vast network of alumni and professionals from the Madison area and beyond which we tap regularly for inspiring talks and informative workshops that our members can utilize to expand their knowledge beyond their curriculum and hopefully apply it towards innovation. Our impact goes beyond the resources we provide and the knowledge we impart to our members.

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The Team

Transcend Engineering is a student org dedicated to driving student innovation, in any major. We act as a student project hub on campus - providing resources and mentorship for the doers on campus that are creating inventions, apps, startups, and more.

If innovative ideas keep you up at night, Transcend is the club for you.

Zack Bahner
Cadence Babanek
Alphonse Marra
Brian Dennis
Xiaojun He
Scott Catlin
James Cho
Matt Shi
Mike Fix
Jake Dexheimer
Yu-Lin Yang
Rakshith Padmanabha
Ryan Tierney
Nathan Weinshenker
Hima Bharathi Adusumulli