2016 Winners

Congratulations to those that took home awards from our 2016 competition!

1st Place: Emonix

Emonix at Transcend Madison

Emonix took home home $7,500 and immediate enrollment into Madworks seed accelerator, an intensive, 10-week program to provide them with the resources, mentorship and $5,000 in capital to take their idea to the next level. Using sensors to moderate the salt applied by water softeners, Emonix cuts the amount of salt dispensed by nearly a quarter, saving in salt, expenses and reducing negative impact on the environment.

2nd Place: Metrecycle

Metrecycle at Transcend Madison

Metrecycle took home second place and $5,000. The team aims to empower people in developing countries by creating a sustainable business model for those living in crowded spaces to profit from the proper disposal of e-waste. With the proper funding and infrastructure, the team hopes to send a shipping container outfitted for the disassemblement of electronics to crowded, impoverished spaces.

3rd Place: Trumpet Toasties

Trumpet Toasties at Transcend Madison

Third-place and $2,500 went to Trumpet Toasties. When the temperature falls below freezing, the valves in a trumpet freeze. Trumpet Toasties are reusable heating pouches, they use a mix of sodium and acetate solution to make sure a trumpet player can keep playing, no matter the weather.

Best Educational Enterprise: STEMyng

STEMyng at Transcend Madison

For the Best Educational Enterprise, sponsored by WCEPS, STEMyng took home $2,000. STEMyng creates physical products and digital courses to teach kids STEM fundamentals.

Best Prototype and Fan Favorite: Mitometer

Mitometer at Transcend Madison

Mitometer won $1,000 for both Fan Favorite and Best Prototype. Mitometere developed a pen-shaped device that uses electrodes to scan and measure the level of cancer risk associated with a patch of skin.

Best Pitch: Zuntik

Zuntik at Transcend Madison

Zuntik won $1,000 for Best Pitch. Zuntik is the only app to be awarded a prize. The mobile application connects with local organizations and businesses in a city to display all of the upcoming local community events.

Best Business Model: WeightUp Solutions

WeightUp Solutions at Transcend Madison

WeightUp Solutions won $1,000 for Best Business Model. WeightUp solutions uses wearable technology to track and monitor reps for workouts. The technology records data for both the athlete and coach to reference.

Best Social Enterprise: Project Redistribute

Project Redistribute at Transcend Madison

Project Redistribute, by the student organization Enactus, won $1,000 for Best Social Enterprise. Project Redistribute aims to salvage the leftover food from community restaurants and cafe and deliver it to different food pantries around Madison.