2017 Winners

Congratulations to those that took home awards from our 2017 competition!

1st Place: Linectra

Linectra at Transcend Madison

Qualcomm Grand Prize $10,000: Linectra, technology patent pending, has designed an advanced 3D printer to print high-quality, high-quantity metal parts to be used in manufacturing.

2nd Place: Cairo Beverage

Cairo Beverage at Transcend Madison

Second Prize $8,000: Cairo Beverage’s first beverage line, inspired by Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean tea-based drinks, will is flavorful and refreshing with none of the sugar of traditional soft drinks.

3rd Place: SwopShop

SwopShop at Transcend Madison

Third Prize $5,000: Mobile app SwopShop gives users a platform to buy, sell and trade belongings in a Tinder-esque swipe format.

Best Poster Session: Atrility Medical

Atrility Medical at Transcend Madison

Best Poster Session, $2,000: AtriAmp has developed a compact device to improve healthcare provers’ ability to diagnose and treat post-operative arrhythmias in patients following cardiac surgery.

Best Prototype: Pathogenomica

Pathogenomica at Transcend Madison

Best Prototype, sponsored by Zendesk $2,000: Pathogenomica uses genetic sequencing techniques to drastically cut the time to detection of pathogens in drinking water or foodstuff.

Best Pitch: Torridity Instrument Heating Solutions, LLC

Torridity Instrument Heating Solutions, LLC at Transcend Madison

Best Pitch, sponsored by QBE $2,000: Torridity Instrument Heating Solutions, LLC uses innovative heating solutions to improve musical instrument performance in cold temperatures.

Best Business Model: U-Sit

U-Sit at Transcend Madison

Best Business Model $2,000: U-Sit is a business idea for a website and mobile application to pair parents with area babysitters.

Best Social Enterpreneurship: HelpCare Connect

HelpCare Connect at Transcend Madison

Best Social Entrepreneurship, $2,000: HelpCare Connect is a virtual health application looking to transform highly-burdened individual informal caregivers into connected and informed caregiving teams. 

Fan Favorite: Let's Sublease

Let's Sublease at Transcend Madison

Fan Favorite, sponsored by URP $2,000: Let’s Sublease is a web platform specializing in aiding students and young adults who often move for new jobs or internships, find and fill their sublease agreements.