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What is it?

Transcend Madison, created by Transcend Engineering, is UW’s first-ever student-led innovation competition. This event was made with one goal in mind: to bring students all across UW Madison together to demonstrate their novel ideas and creations.
This is a competition for the doers. We judge heavily on execution: taking the necessary steps to turn your idea from nothing into reality.

Event Details
What: Transcend Madison 2017, UW's student-run innovation competition
Where: Wisconsin Institute of Discovery, H.F. DeLuca Forum
When: March 29th and 30th
Time: 9am — 5pm
Who: Everybody is more than welcome to attend!

Award Ceremony: Thursday, March 30 at 5:30pm @ Wisconsin Institute of Discovery

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2016 Competition

Smart Bike presentation at Transcend Madison
Transcend Madison opening ceremony

We'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors, and competitors for making the first ever Transcend Madison competition a huge success!

Startup veteran and self-described serial entrepreneur Matt Younkle gave the opening remarks to kick off first annual Transcend Madison innovation competition. During his undergraduate years at UW-Madison, Younkle developed a TurboTab, an invention to pour beer at three times the standard rate, and competed in UW College of Engineering’s innovation days. While nothing came of his invention immediately, Younkle revived TurboTab a few years later when he had more experience under his belt and turned it into a multi-million dollar idea. Turbotap is now installed in sports stadiums across the country.

In recent years, Matt has focused his attention to redefining what it means to own your music with his enterprise, Murfie. But Younkle emphasized that a great idea isn’t enough. It takes hard work and commitment to bring an idea to life, which is what Transcen Madison was developed to reward. We hope that our participants work doesn’t end with the competition, that this is just the beginning.


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